Responsible Eco-Tourism

Many travellers are looking for authenticity on their journeys. Santa Lucía, being a a 100% community-owned, Cloud Forest reserve offers exactly that. 

You will be welcomed warmly by our community and - if you're interested - can learn a lot about the life style and culture of the people of our region.

Responsible Eco-Tourism as we live it aims at combining protection of natural habitats with the creation of income opportunities for the local population. We also pass on our knowledge about nature and a sustainable life style to future generation through environmental education either in the reserve or the surrounding communities.

By visiting Santa Lucía you are making a direct contribution to our conservation work.


We offer hikes of different lengths and difficulties through primary and secondary forest. You can visit waterfalls, have a refreshing swim in our river or follow animal tracks on our trails. If you're interested we can also take you on nocturnal hikes in order to explore the rich night life of the tropical jungle

Bird Watching

Around 400 bird species have been observed in the reserve during the last 15 years. This includes more than 25 hummingbird species, the Plate-billed Mountain-Toucan and the world-famous Cock-of-the-Rock which can be observed on a so-called Lek (place where male meet each morning, displaying in order to attract females). Even if you're not a birder when arriving at Santa Lucía it's likely that you will be one by the time of your departure.


If you're looking for a stress-free and relaxed way to pass the time you might as well just stick to shorter hikes (e.g. to the orchid garden) or relax in hammocks or on our balconies, enjoying singing birds and beautiful views.

Cultural interchange

If you want to help our community as a volunteer, you are welcome to. Depending on the season and on the necesities we offer work in projects, scientific research and regular daily chores in and around the lodge.