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Responsible Ecotourism

Many visitors are seeking 'authenticity' when they travel. At Santa Lucía, which is both owned and run by local people, we offer just that. You will receive a warm welcome and will have a real opportunity to get to know local people and to find out a little about life in a rural Ecuadorian community.

Responsible Ecotourism links Santa Lucía Cooperative's joint aims of protecting the cloud forest reserve and providing a sustainable income for its members. By visiting Santa Lucía you are making a direct contribution to conservation and to our local community.

The Reserve

Santa Lucía conserves over 1800 acres of montane cloudforest in the Chocó Andean Bioregion, a biodiversity 'hotspot.' 80% of the reserve is primary forest and there are over 400 species of birds; 45 species of mammals including pumas and the endangered Spectacled Bear; and thousands of tropical plants, native to the region, including an amazing variety of orchids, bromeliads, and other epiphytes.

The Lodge

Santa Lucía eco-lodge and cabanas are in the heart of the cloud forest on a mountain peak at 1900 metres. Beautifully crafted cabanas with amazing views over the forest have private bathrooms and sleep between two and five people. The lodge sleeps twenty two people in a mix of double and dorm rooms. Bathrooms are shared and in addition to flush toilets the lodge has compost toilets to minimise contamination. The hot showers have particularly spectacular views over the forest. Solar panels provide limited electricity in the lodge only.

Meals combine traditional Ecuadorian and international recipes and where possible we use organic produce from our garden. Guests are always welcome to lend a hand in the garden and kitchen. We are happy to accommodate vegetarian and other special diets.


Birding. Over 400 species including over 30 species of hummingbirds, the Plate-billed Mountain Toucan, and a lek (mating ritual) of the Andean Cock-of the-Rock. Page Birding

Hiking. Long or short hikes, including guided night time walks through primary and secondary forest. Visit mountain waterfalls, take a dip in the river and look for animal tracks.
Page Hiking    Page General Interest/Hiking Tours

Conservation and Agroforestry. Find out about Santa Lucía's conservation and sustainability projects including the production of organic panela (sugar).

Visit Rural Communities of Nanegal and Marianita, including a family small-holding and the beautiful Piragua waterfall where you can swim.

Archaeology. Walk along the 'culuncos' or tunnel-like trails used by the pre-Inca Yumbo people and visit nearby Tulipe's well-preserved Yumbo ceremonial site and museum.

Relaxing. Last but not least, relax in the hammocks and appreciate the tranquillity of being on a mountain peak, in the heart of the cloud forest.

You can arrange the activities you choose day by day or you can book a pre-designed Tour. Some activities, for logistical reasons, require participation in groups or as part of a package. Page General Interest Tours

Health and Safety

There is no malaria or other endemic tropical disease in this area, although you should consult with your doctor/travel clinic about recommended vaccinations or preventative medicines, especially if you plan to travel to other areas of Ecuador The altitude at Santa Lucía is not high enough to induce altitude sickness.

Santa Lucía's water supply has been tested and found to be safe to drink. All drinking water is boiled and fruits and salads are washed in food 'disinfectant.'

The lodge is fully equipped with first aid kits and fire extinguishers, and the staff has full training in these areas. There is cell phone communication between Santa Lucía lodge and our office in La Delicia, Nanegal. Transport to a nearby hospital can be provided in an emergency.

Important note for visitors

(1) As the hikes can be slippery and muddy althrough the year, please always let us know your shoe size in case you need rubber boots
(2) We can only provide electricity in cases of emergency, please bring fully-charged and/or spare batteries for your electronic devices (cameras, mobile phones, etc.)
(3) Please always bring flashlights, because the night's can be quite dark and we don't have electric light ... only candles!
(4) Please always let us know in advance whether you have any dietry restrictions, whether you are vegetarian or have allergies, so that we can prepare the adequate food for you.

More Resources

Please see the following pages and documents for more information:


Reservations: (593-2) 215 7242 or email: santaluciaecuador@gmail.com 

For general inquiries email: santaluciaecuador@gmail.com or
Santa Lucía Cloud Forest Reserve, Barrio La Delicia, Nanegal, Ecuador

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