3 Days / 2 Nights

From Santa Lucía’s parking spot your tour guide and you will climb for about two hours before you reach the lodge. The trails follows a route through secondary forest, offers two resting points on one of which you will get a glimpse on the great views you will enjoy from the lodge. You will be welcomed with fresh home made lemonade and your well-deserved lunch. Ater lunch you either relax or enjoy another walk through the forest near the lodge. Depending on the season and your interest you can either set out to a (very) early morning hike on the second day which will take you the the Cock-of -the-Rock Lek or you can enjoy breakfast at 7.30am and do hikes according to your liking afterwards. You can choose between day-long hikes or one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Our forest offers you plenty of attractions such as waterfalls, spectactular views and broad range of plants and animals. Our orchid garden is also always worth a visit.

Depending on your time budget you can either go on another hike on the second morning or you’ll be walking downhill to the parking spot where the transportation to your next destination will be waiting for you.

From the parking spot you will go on a two-hour guided hike through the forest. After approximately 500 meters of ascent you will reach the lodge and (depending on the weather conditions) will be rewarded by the watching the incredible landscape surrounding Santa Lucia. After lunch you can choose to relax or take a walk to three beautiful waterfalls through the primary forest (three hours round trip) or make a short walk through the orchid garden, the giant forest swing or visit our conservation projects and sustainability 

There are bastically two option for a whole day: a walk through primary forest to reach some beautiful mountain waterfalls. If you feel up to it you can also continue down to the river and - if the weather permits it - have a refreshing swim. We return visiting the sugarcane plantation where you will find a traditional sugarcane factory. (This walk lasts approximately 5 hours) The second option is to start as early as 4:00 a.m in order to visit the Cock-of-the-Rock lek. At sun rise you can observe their mating ritual. You'll be back at the lodge for lunch.
After lunch you can do a shorter version of the walk to the waterfalls or a walk through the sugar workshop.

After breakfast you'll start a walk along the trail that leads to the organic banana plantation. Following the path further down it leads us to the Umachaca river we walk upstream for some minutes and visit a beautiful waterfall (in depending on the season you can jump into the water to refresh). It's the perfect place to have lunch. Then we continue along the pre-Inca trail used by the Yumbo people as a commercial route crossing the primary forest where we can see two beautiful waterfalls and magnificent tree ferns. Much of the route consists of a deep trench called Culunco built by the Yumbo people centuries ago.
Be careful when walking because you can easily see the tracks left by the elusive cougar and pekaris. The path opens onto a lush meadow with fantastic views of the river.
You arrive at the rendez-vous point where your transport awaits you around 3pm in the afternoon.