4 Days / 3 Nights

From the parking spot you will walk uphill for about two hours. Enjoying the first impressions of the Santa Lucía Cloud Forest your guide will give you a good introduction into the diversity of flora and fauna. You’ll reach the lodge and after a glas of fresh home-made lemonade lunch will be served. During the afternoon you can either relax in and around the lodge or enjoy another short hike, for instance to the orchid garden or the giant swing.

Your guide will discuss the program for the following days with you. Depending on your interest you can go on hikes of different lengths, enjoy our beautiful waterfalls or a swim in the river (depending on the season) and early morning walk to the Cock-of-the-Rock-Lek or other activities in our forest. Lunch you will either have in the lodge or – in case of all-day activities – in the forest.

There is also the option of going on a short walk after night fall in order to explore nocturnal life around the lodge and on the trails near-by.

Depending on your travel arrangements you either leave after breakfast or lunch of your last day and will be guided back down to the parking spot from where you leave towards your next travel destination.

After arriving at the parking lot you'll start a two-hour guided walk through the forest. Approximately 500 meters of ascent will be rewarded by views onto the incredible landscape surrounding Santa Lucia. After lunch you can choose to relax or take a walk to three beautiful waterfalls through the primary forest (three hours round trip) or make a short walk through the orchid garden, the giant forest swing or visit our conservation projects and sustainability After dinner, the option is to do night walk to see and hear the symphony of nocturnal animals.

A walk through primary forest to our beautiful mountain waterfalls and if you want you can take a refreshing shower in one of them. If you still feel up to it and weather is favorable you can even walk down to the river for a swim. (Walk of 4 or 5 hours with lunch package.)

Today you start walking at 4:00 a.m. This early morning activity gives you the chance to visit the lek of the Cocks-of-the-Rockk, so that you can observe their mating ritual which starts at sunrise. We are back at the lodge for lunch. After lunch you can either relax or go on another shorter walk, e.g. to our sugar cane plantation.

If you want to do another long hike (and if the weather is favorable) you can set out to a descent along the path that leads to the organic banana plantation. The banana plants provide shade to the small coffee trees. From there this path leads to the Umachaca river and then to walk upstream and visit a beautiful waterfall (depending on the season and the current you can jump into the water for a swim). It's also the perfect place to enjoy a snack. You then continue along the pre-Inca trail used by the Yumbo people centuries ago as a commercial route. Along the path  we cross the primary forest where we can see two beautiful waterfalls, magnificent tree ferns  and other attractions. Much of this tour is done through a deep trench called Culunco originally "constructed" by the Yumbo people.
Be careful when walking because you can easily see the tracks left by the elusive cougar and wild pigs. The path opens onto a lush meadow with fantastic views of the river.
You arrive at the parking lot around 3 in the afternoon.