5 Days / 4 Nights

Después de llegar al parqueadero les espera una caminata de dos horas con guía a través del bosque que nos conduce hacia la reserva. Aproximadamente 500 metros de ascenso serán recompensados por el increíble paisaje que rodea Santa Lucia. Después del almuerzo puede elegir entre relajarse o hacer una caminata a tres hermosas cascadas atravesando el bosque primario (tres horas ida y vuelta), o hacer una corta caminata por el jardín de orquídeas, el columpio gigante del bosque o visitar nuestros proyectos de conservación y sostenibilidad. Después de la cena, la opción es hacer caminata nocturna para ver y escuchar la sinfonía de las aves y animales nocturnos.

A two-hour guided walk through the forest leads us to the lodge. After approximately 500 meters of ascent you will be rewarded by the incredible landscape surrounding Santa Lucia. After lunch you can choose to relax or take a walk to three beautiful waterfalls through the primary forest (three hours round trip), or make a short walk through the orchid garden, the giant forest swing or visit our conservation projects and. sustainability. If you're not too tired you can go out on a night hike and explore the nocturnal life in Santa Lucía after dinner.

A walk through primary forest to reach our beautiful mountain waterfalls and if you want to take a refreshing shower in one of them. If it's not too late and you want to walk a little further you can go down to the river and enjoy the riparian landscape. (5 hours walk with lunch package.)

Today you'll have to get up early! We'll start hiking at 04:00pm, so that we reach the Cock-of-the-Rock Lek just before sunrise. There we observe the beautiful birds during their mating ritual. After breakfast in the forest we walk back to the lodge through primary forest, possibly observe the Plate-billed Mountain-Toucans and other attractive birds. We'll reach the lodge at before lunch. After lunch you can either relax or enjoy another shorter walk (e.g. to the sugar cane plantation).

On your last full day you can either support the Santa Lucía community as a volunteer ... either in one of our projects (please ask in advance) or helping the staff with its daily chores (e.g. in the organic garden) OR you can take another long walk to the high elevations where you'll find a different forest with a different flora and fauna. In the later case you'd have lunch in the forest.

Depending on the season and the weather conditions you will set out to the trail that has most history on its back. After breakfast you start decending along the path leads to the organic banana plantation. Following the path further it leads you to the Umachaca river. There you can walk upstream for some minutes and enjoy a swim in the refreshing clean water. You'll have lunch by the river. Then you continue along the pre-Inca trail used by the Yumbo people as a commercial route. Crossing primary forest you can see two beautiful waterfalls and magnificent tree ferns amongst many other things. Much of this trail leads through deep trenches called Culunco. Those were built by the Yumbo people centuries ago.
Be careful when walking because you can easily see the tracks left by the elusive cougar and pekkaris. The path opens onto a lush meadow with fantastic views of the river. You arrive at the parking lot around 03:00pm in the afternoon.