Ecuadorian Cloud Forest Lodge

Tranquility in the clouds

Community and Conservation

Ecuadorian Cloud Forest Lodge

Tranquility in the Clouds


Welcome to Santa Lucía

Ecuadorian Cloud Forest Reserve

If you're looking for a place where your visit benefits the environment and a local community at the same time Santa Lucía is the perfect choice.


The Santa Lucía Cloud Forest Reserve has is host to a huge variety of birds. Come visit us if you enjoy searching for and observing birds in the wild.


Santa Lucía is a great place to study nature - be it as a passionate amateur as a student or a professional researcher.

The reserve with all its installations (cabins and the lodge) are 100% community-owned.

Santa Lucía is located within the Chocó-Andean corridor one of the world's biodiversity hotspots. Home to more than 1.500 plant, around 400 bird and more than 60 mammal species.

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Santa Lucía Cloud Forest Reserve

  • Lodge and Private Cabins.

    The Eco-lodge and the cabins are located in the heart of the Cloud Forest around 1.900m above sea level. From up here you enjoy fantastic panoramic views onto the surrounding landscape. The lodge offers room with different configurations and has a capacity of 21 pax. The water-flushed toilets inside can be used during the night. Following our environmental-friendly approach we ask our guest to use the composting toilets (right outside of the lodge) during day-time. This way we try to minimize our use of water. The five cabins host between two and six people and are equipped with showers and water-flushed toilets. Electricity is only available in emergency cases.